Deep Reading

I am aware of the irony of posting an article on a blog about the importance of preserving “deep reading” as opposed to on-line skim reading, but I really like the sentiments in the article at the link below and wished to share it.

You’ll know from this blog that as well as blogging and other [...]

A story of shoes: Why can’t we be better at mending things?

Waste. There is so much of it in our world, on so many levels. Many of us do our best not to waste things, to mend them so that we don’t have to buy new, but collectively in the UK we are not good at this. We are too much orientated towards consuming. [...]

Raising Girls

This is Steve Biddulph, talking on Thursday 17 January 2013 at The Colston Hall in Bristol about his concerns for girls and what we as parents can do to help them.

This event was organised by JUNO magazine, of which I am editor, and it was fantastic to see so many parents there, really engaged [...]

Do we have a worrying obsession with faster being better?

I saw a news report today about 4G.  I don’t have a smart phone so I’m not that excited about the launch, I was more concerned about the underlying current of the report. A technology commentator being interviewed said:

“doing everything faster can only be better for us”

But is it really? Don’t we just end up [...]

WOW – Hollie McNish

I have been wanting to share this for ages, but time just runs away with me. There is so much I would like to do but so little time…I’ve started a book today that is being featured in the next JUNO – In Praise of Slow by Carl Honore.  The chapter I’m next to read [...]

JUNO bike blog – how riding the bike has increased my sense of community

Riding this bike has made me very happy today. Someone commented that I seemed much more confident, and I am. I’ve sorted the balance issues and now love every moment. The children feel the same.  On the way to school this morning one of them said they didn’t  want to go in cars anymore, the [...]

World Water Day 2011 - March 22nd – The problem with water

As editor of JUNO I am sent A LOT of press releases. However, this does have its advantages as some of them are very interesting.

Below is something I have received from Population Matters, a charity campaigning for sustainable populations in the UK and abroad. It conducts education, research and advocacy on the environmental impact [...]

Too much too young?

My son is going on his first Beaver Scout sleepover. They’ll be camping in tents, but inside the scout hut. They’ll be “away” for 24 hours. I know he has mixed feelings – he says he’s excited and anxious “it’s the first time I’ll be staying away from my family” he says. But he’s keen [...]

Defending the Status of Stay at Home Mums

I have a letter published in this week’s issue of Nursery World. It’s headed Mothers at Home. In it I defend the status of mothers who choose not to return to work. I wrote it in response to a piece by Rosemary Murphy (Nursery World, 10 November) in which she expresses her disappointment that her [...]

The National Trust - Risky Business

The National Trust has a blog called Outdoor Nation, full of interesting thoughts on being outdoors and why it’s good for us. I thought Risky Business was a really interesting post and it ties in with what I’ve been writing this year about children and risk. The post describes how a tree fell down in [...]